Who we are

Lancaster International School

Internationalization of Schools is one of the most important term in use in the international education circles. In a global village like the world is today, internationalization of education is a crucial engine that drives international competitiveness and ultimately economic and social revolutions in young people. This is paramount in our school’s offer.

Based on our assessment which informs our strategies, activities and programmes, developing an internationalization agenda for Lancaster International has the following five-pronged benefits:

  1. Discovering the innate capacities of our students, inspiring them to develop it, providing the right environment to nurture their gifts and empowering them to be creative and affect positive change in societies.
  2. Developing our brand, profile and relevance both nationally and internationally and establishing international partnership with reputable institutions globally to give our students international exposures.  
  3. Increase our interaction and engagement with our students, parents, the private sector and governance for sustainable and impactful applied-focused education which helps society.
  4. Delivering social, economic, environmental, academic and spiritual impacts of international standards on our students for consequent impacts on local and national societies.  
  5. Developing a student portfolio that is employable and understand the life of work in any part of the world due to uniformity in knowledge, competence and acquired skills.

In order to achieve success in our internationalization efforts, we have identified  a ten-point impact model that we would encourage and integrate in our school. This forms the basis of measuring our performance and evaluating our success. These ten key points includes:

  1. International Outlook and Vision
  2. International Students
  3. International Staff and Management
  4. International Programmes and Projects
  5. International Partners and Associates
  6. International Funding and Business
  7. International Research and Impact
  8. International Presence and Communication
  9. International Employability
  10. International Processes and Systems


Vision Statement

To create a safe and stimulating environment where every child’s innate ability is encouraged to blossom and thrive.



Discover, Inspire, Nurture, Empower



  • Recognising beauty in ourselves and in everyone around us
  • Having respect for each other
  • Upholding honesty and integrity by allowing open, sincere communications and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Promoting a culture of self-discovery and an environment to encourage curiosity and exploration
  • Creating an atmosphere that challenges children to be creative and expressive while being aware of the feelings of others
  • Encouraging children to learn freely through play thereby developing physical and social skills by showing tolerance and fairness

Lancaster International

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