Ms Carol Barlow

Ceo And Senior Executive Consultant – Cebar Consultancy Nigeria/Uk

Ms Barlow is a seasoned international education professional with over 30 years industry and education experience.  Her passion for education is tangible to all who meet her, and her commitment to improving outcomes for young people, remains at the heart of everything she does. Carol is mother to her adult son, James; but mother and mentor to so many others.

As the CEO and Executive Consultant of CEBAR Consultancy and Training Services Limited, she has travelled extensively, from the UK to Africa and beyond.  Her passion for Africa has its roots in her ancestry, and she epitomizes all that is noble in the African woman. Carol is adventurous, compassionate and dedicated to helping young Africans connect with their destinies by utilizing their innate talents.

Carol first came to Nigeria in 2008 and has visited several times since, delivering training to teachers and school leaders/owners.  She has also co-hosted school leaders from Nigeria at workshops held in the UK.  She has been working as a consultant across Africa on a more permanent basis for the past five years, working with leaders and managers on school improvement, raising standards, international accreditation and training.  Her company has several seasoned practitioners, both here and in the UK that adds to the portfolio of services her company can offer.  Although her passion is for education, Carol has also been involved with corporate strategic leadership training for private and public institutions.

In her spare time, Carol enjoys travelling extensively and immersing herself in history and culture.  She loves photography and music and is at her most relaxed when enjoying the natural environment.

Carol is a highly qualified practitioner, graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism.  She later went on to the University of Huddersfield in the North East of England to complete her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Business and Economics).  She is an experienced teacher, school leader, consultant and a leadership coach.  Individuals under her tutelage thrive and flourish to become the best that they can be.

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