After-School Support Programme

We understand that in today’s world, parents have busy lives and so we try to make it easier for them by providing extra care and support through our Weekend Care and Summer School Programme.

You are able to book in to leave your children for extra hours after the official opening times and be sure that they will be well looked after until you pick them up.

We also have a special programme for the summer holidays  as well as other national holiday periods if parents have to work.

Parents Engagement Programme (PEP)

Our schools philosophy is that the parents are not just our clients but our partners and so we try to engage the parents through a series of schemes so that they are part of the child development process. These schemes, howbeit on planned occasions, would help us support the parents as well to better understand their children especially in busy world.

Such schemes include Parents Zoom Chats, Parents Stay and Play, Parents Support Forum etc. For more information about these schemes, please contact our team.

International Exchange Programme

We live in a globalised world and as an international school, supporting the understanding of local and international environments in children is crucial to us. This is more so important that our parents appreciate how crucial this is to their capacity to support their children too.

As such under this programme, we hope to organise overseas programmes and holiday trips; organise online trans-country activities for parents and their children with other schools; show children how to interact with people of other cultures  and languages through our international partnerships, invite teachers from other countries for residency programmes at our school etc

Volunteering Programme

At Lancaster International, we provide a conducive and exciting environment for the children to thrive but we also aim to increase their understanding of social values and care for others.

This we hope to achieve through a volunteering scheme where under international standards and supervision, we provide an environment where parents and partners can work with us to better increase the impact of our educational and care offer to the children. Schemes like ‘A Carer for A Day’, ‘Sponsor a Child Initiative’; ‘Parent Teaching Ambassadors’ etc will form part of this programme.

Creativity Development Programme – Music, Arts, Swimming, Languages

 In the world we live today, many professionals and parents regret that they have not been able to develop their creativity due to circumstances and situations. However, because we do not want to repeat such regrets in our children, we aim to offer them every opportunity to get the best support to develop their creativity and capacity.

As part of our special programmes, we will ensure that we give our children  (of the right age groups) the opportunity to learn music and musical instruments, explore their writing and arts potentials, teach them life skills which includes swimming, learning languages and a list of other things.

Young Environmentalist Programme (YEP)

Everyone says that the children are the leaders of tomorrow and it is indeed true but when you do not teach children about the issues of tomorrow, then what is the point?

We are a sustainable school and the care for people and the planet is at the core of our value system and we hope to instil this in the children. Through fun and play activities, learning and teaching, we will ensure that our children grow to understand the need for a sustainable world.

Understanding that health is wealth; waste should be recycled, re-used and reduced; water is limited and should be managed; plants are our friends; etc, taught through special environmental learning toys and resources, we will develop the young environmentalist of tomorrow.

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